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The Menus

Student dining menus are designed by the Dining Service management staff. Our menus help ensure daily nutritional requirements. The menus are planned to avoid repetition and to offer a variety of food selection. Each semester the menus are revised and updated. Suggestions from the students are always welcome and play a key role in the menu revisions.

Nutrition, Special Diets, and Food Allergies

Dining Services recognizes the importance of sound nutritional practices. If you have any nutritional concerns or have any special dietary needs, please contact the Dining Services Office.

Sick Trays or Carry Out Meals

If you are unable to eat in the dining hall due to sickness or conflict in schedule, please call the Dining Services Office to make meal arrangements at extension 2684. Students should contact the Dean of Students, Health Center or Student Accessibility Services to make arrangements for a meal.

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